From Rev. Tony Kinch, Superintendent Minister of the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District 1981 - 2008

Wednesfield Methodist Church is a success story. When the then Bishop of Wolverhampton Rt. Rev. Barry Rogerson, laid the foundation stone in 1983, it was for a church that was happily settling into its new shape. The amalgamation of the two societies of Wednesfield High Street and Wood End went smoothly, and the church became a welcoming community in a busy and thriving neighbourhood.

It is appropriate that a Church of England Bishop should have been present at the opening, as Wednesfield Methodist Church has always had a strong ecumenical outlook. The members have played a leading role through the years in Wednesfield Council of Churches as well as having some strong traditions of their own. The church has been well served by its ministers, all of whom have found it a joy to work in such a society.

Local preachers too have never found it a chore to conduct worship in such pleasant surroundings, and with such enthusiastic friends. Down these 25 years many names have served as leaders and members within the building on Wood End Road. It would be foolish to attempt to name them, but we owe them all a debt of gratitude, for sharing their varying gifts and talents.

The present building is beautiful and adapts to suit all kinds of purposes within the life of the community. The main purpose of course is to glorify God through worship and service. In recent years, some of the members of Low Hill have been added to the numbers and have brought to Wednesfield their own personalities and expertise. Again this has been seamless. The warmth and welcome at Wednesfield is very real.

Tina and I wish you well as you sail into your next 25 years.

May God Bless you, each and everyone, and may his Spirit be with you in the days ahead, as you continue into the future, united and confident.

Tony Kinch

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