We have reached a milestone in the life of the church in Wednesfield, at Wood End. Looking back we can see different points in that journey, where changes have been made. Some of the changes have not always been what we would have hoped for, but these changes are all part of the tapestry of life. In our own lives we have not always liked the way things have gone, but we have to accept what is happening.

In the life of the church, the members, and also those who join us in the various activities each week, all play a part in the changes that take place. To be honest no one likes change. Let us relate two examples to help us understand what we mean. Some years ago the Methodist Church decided to produce a new hymnbook, the one that we use today. This caused a certain amount of dissent, and a number of the members stated quite forcibly that they would not be attending any of the services if it were introduced. The new book was introduced, and they did continue to worship. On another occasion we were told that the next minister to be appointed was to be a woman minister, and again this raised some members blood pressure. But again we know how well this turned out, as she stayed with us for seven years.

This place has always been a welcoming place, as we know, because we were welcomed when we emigrated to Wednesfield from Bilston over 40 years ago. We have welcomed members from Low Hill in the last few years, and for this we give thanks.

It is our good fortune that we are members of a caring, sharing, welcoming community. As to the future, we can only hope that we are able to continue to care, and share, our good fortune, allowing ourselves to be guided by the love of God in all that we do.

The next 25 years are a book that will be written, by each of us, as we try to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us, hoping that we can continue to spread the Good News in the local community.

In the following pages are letters we have received from past Ministers who have been part of the journey over the last 25 years.

Pearl & Geoff Forrest

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