Methodism celebrates another 25 years of Witness and Service on Wood End Road, Wednesfield

Dear Friends,

It has been a privilege to be the minister of a Methodist Church with such a long and faithful tradition going back 148 years to the mid 19th Century. Then the Society first met in what was known as the 'big entry' near the Castle Inn. The first Church was built on the site in 1860. The construction of the existing Church was started in 1982, and was completed twenty-five years ago in 1983. The present Church was born out of the amalgamation of two Churches, Trinity, which had already been joined by members of the Hickman Street Church, following its closure in the 1950's, and Wood End Church.

In 2006, the now called Wednesfield Methodist Church, received some new members from Low Hill Methodist Church, which declared its work accomplished and closed. The Living God is present everywhere in heaven and on earth and his glory rests on places where he has set his name. The buildings that have stood on this Hallowed ground have been places where prayer has risen and continues to rise for the worship of God and the service of his Kingdom.

This would not be possible without the faithfulness of God and would not be possible without the faithfulness of its committed membership. So we must always remember with thanksgiving the founding members, the vision they had, and the unstinting support they proffered. We must give thanks for the Presbyters, Local Preachers, the Leaders, Sunday School Teachers and Youth Workers who have inspired many generations. And we must give thanks for the people who have worshipped here, who have given generously and have worked in many ways to maintain it.

May the Lord God continue to bless you
with the vision of his everlasting light
and fill you with the knowledge of his eternal love.
May the Lord create a new heart in you.
May the Holy Spirit, help you to bear much more fruit for his glory.
May the Lord Cod show you his ways, teach you his paths,
and give you the grace to remain faithful
from generation to generation for evermore.

Every Blessing

Lawrence Wallace

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