Wolverhampton Methodist Timeline

I came across this information in July 2009 in St. John's Methodist Church, I have no idea who the author is.

1703 John Wesley born 17th June (OS) Epworth Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire (Founder of Methodism, preacher and travelling evangelist)

1707 Charles Wesley born 18th December 1707 Epworth Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire (Hymn writer, preacher, and evangelist)

1709 John and Charles Wesley rescued from the Rectory fire

1714 George Whitefield born 16th December 1714, Gloucester (English Calvinist Methodist, preacher and travelling evangelist)

1729 John Fletcher (Jean Guillaume de la Flechere) born 11/12 th December Nyon, Switzerland

1745 Rev John Wesley Preached on the Village Green at Bilbrook

1745 First Methodist Service in Wolverhampton, Mr William Allt preached in the open- air

1753 Herbert Jenkins, one of Wesley's preachers, preached in the open-air in Wolverhampton

1753 Rev George Whitefield preached in the open-air in Wolverhampton

1757 Rev John Wesley formed the first Methodist Society in the area at Bilbrook

1758/59 First Methodist Society started in Wolverhampton

1760 Rev John Wesley preached in the open-air in Wolverhampton in High Green (Queen's Square)

1761 Alexander Mather, Wesley's preacher, attacked in Wolverhampton and his effigy burned on a bonfire

1762 First Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House opened in Rottens Row (Broad Street)

1763 The Wolverhampton Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House is attacked and levelled to the ground. Mr Hayes a Wolverhampton attorney led the mob. Lord Dartmouth made Mr Hayes rebuild the Methodist Meeting House at his own expense.

1768 Rev John Wesley preached in the Methodist Meeting House in Rottens Row. The crowd outside who could not get into the house caused a disturbance.

1770 Rev John Wesley preached in Bilston

1770 Rev John Wesley preached in the doorway of Mr Denman the Printer in High Green (Queen's Square). 'Many were wild and stupid'

1772, 1773, 1774, 1776, 1778, 1779, 1785, Rev John Wesley preached in the open-air in Wolverhampton

1787 Noah's Ark Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Wheeler's Fold opened by John Wesley

1787 Bilston Temple Street Wesleyan Chapel opened

1810 First Methodist New Connexion chapel opened in Short Street (Railway Street)

1819 Primitive Methodism comes to Wolverhampton

1820 Primitive Methodism comes to Bilston

1825 Noah's Ark Chapel closed. Dr Edward Hayling Coleman preached the final sermon

1825 Darlington Street Wesleyan Chapel opened

1901 Darlington Street Wesleyan Chapel Rebuilt and extended

1932 The Wesleyan Methodist, United Methodist, and Primitive Methodist Churches Unite to form the Methodist Church

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